CronJob Twitter Autobot for sitemaps XML and tweets from random sentences


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Brand: Websites Builder
Location: Australia 
Product Code: cronjob-twitter-autobot-for-sitemaps-xml-and-tweets-from-random-
Availability: 999


1. A twitter profile and your application submitted to the Twitter Aplication Manager
2. One or some XML sitemap or a few sentences if you are using the random sentences option.
3. A FREE bitly account is desiderable to shorten URLs on the tweet

Twitter Autobot for sitemaps XML and tweet random sentences is a simple script:

1) Open sitemaps > Read URLs > pick a random one > Tweet URL, title and get hashtags from the title.
2) From a given list of sentences > pick a random one > Add some selected hashtags and tweet it.

I specially design this bot to automatize my product tweets from this Opencart Shop. So is looking for all the available products on my shops and published articles on my blogs and tweeting randomly on my main twitter profile (you can set as much twitter profiles as you want.

Then I found that second function useful to tweet towards a subject with a company that I was complainting to. It seems that end up anoying them and accesing to my request.

You will find a txt on the download with the instructions.

Once you've set up the settings, simply create a cronjob in your server to open the file every XX hours.
Example twice per day tweet from rss: wget (0 0,12 * * *)

This product doesn't require a sizechart
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Cronjob Twitter Autobot for sitemaps XML and tweet random sentences

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